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it is impossible to write a robust ik solver and as a

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Unformatted text preview: impossible to write a robust IK solver and as a result people typically use motion capture algorithms. ______ Standard kinematic algorithms assume that articulated structures will have a ring topology. ______ In 2D all IK problems have simple closed-form solutions. ______ In 3D all IK problems have simple closed-form solutions. ______ The Jacobian of a valid kinematic system will never be invertible. ______ When representing directions in 3D using homogenized coordinates, the fourth coordinate (i.e. “w”) will be zero. ______ Overly large time-steps can cause a spring and mass simulation to go unstable. ______ Motion capture data is often used in video games. ______ Animations lacking motion blur may suffer from unnatural looking artifacts. ______ The rendering equation discussed in class does not account for atmospheric scattering. Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Spring 2008 Prof. James O’Brien page 3 of 12 ______ The radiosity method operates from the assumption that all surfaces act like diffuse reflectors. ______ Polished plastic surfaces typically have bright white specularities. ______ Although photon mapping is an effective rendering technique, it is seldom used in practice because of its inability to model area lights. ______ Ambient occlusion approximates global illumination by making diffuse shading proportional to the un-occluded area over a surface. ______...
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