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radiance is measured in units of power per second

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Unformatted text preview: Radiance is measured in units of power per second squared per cubic meter. ______ Radiance falls off with distance. ______ Catmull-Clark subdivision surfaces are a generalization of uniform, cubic tensor-product bsplines. 2 ______ Cubic NURBS curves will typically be C across segment boundaries. ______ Bézier surfaces can be converted to B-spline surfaces. ______ Cubic B-splines have global support. ______ A b-spline curve is always interpolates its control points. ______ The parametric representation of a given geometric entity is unique. ______ B-spline bases can be built for polynomials of degree other than cubic. ______ In Catmull-Clark subdivision, the number of extraordinary points is proportional to the level of subdivision. ______ The cones in the human eye have a flat spectral response function. ______ Under linear perspective projection, straight lines always appear as straight lines. ______ Under linear perspective projection, squares always appear as a square. Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Spring 2008 Prof. James O’Brien page 4 of 12 2. Write the regular expression that concisely describes the light paths captured by the given rendering method. (L = Light, D = Diffuse, S = Specular, E = Eye) 8 points The real world _____________________ Local illumination _____________________ Basic raytracing _____________________ Radiosity _____________________ 3. Imagine that yo...
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