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Do not ask questions during the exam most questions

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Unformatted text preview: Do not ask questions during the exam. Most questions are unnecessary and they disturb other students. Figuring out what the exam question is asking is part of the test. If you think you have to make some unusual assumption to answer a problem, note what that assumption is on the test. I have read these instructions, I understand them, and I will follow them. Your Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________ Student ID: ____________________________________ Total Points: 133 + 10 You Scored: ________ + Extra ________ Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Spring 2008 Prof. James O’Brien 1. Answer the following questions with True (T) or False (F) page 2 of 12 1 point each ______ Cloth can be modeled reasonably well using a collection of particles attached by springs. ______ Particle systems have become obsolete and are seldom used in modern applications. ______ All types of numerical integration are basically the same and there is no strong reason to prefer one method over another. ______ Active optical motion capture systems are make use of multiple cameras to determine the location of retroactive markers. ______ Magnetic motion capture systems use trackers that return orientation and position information. ______ The pseudo inverse of a matrix can be computed using the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) algorithm. ______ It is...
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