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Unformatted text preview: ith your milk shader? 3 points 14. When rendering a scene with a photon-mapping method, what part of the solution must be recomputed when light source moves? 3 points 15. In the diagram below of a light source, a clear glass ball, and a diffuse surface, draw lines 23. In th the path traveled of light to form a a clear g ass bal on the surface. illustrating e diagram below by a light source, refraction lcausticl, and a diffuse surfacepoints 3, draw lines illustrating the path traveled by light to form a refraction caustic on the surface. 4 points 16. When computing the boolean union of two arbitrarily oriented triangles (in 2D), what is the minimum and maximum number of sides that a resulting polygon could have? Draw an example of the minimum and maximum shapes. 3 points Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Spring 2008 Prof. James O’Brien page 10 of 12 17. In. then the conof xt of doing invekinematics, ics problems, when is the Jacobian sangular? arm 8 I context te doing inverse rse kinemat draw an example configuration for i two-link that results in a singular Jacobian. Your example arm should have links that are connected Draw an example using a two-link arm whose links are connected by a rotation joint by a rotation joint and whose root link is attached to ground with a rotation joint. Make sure and whose root link is attached to ground with a rotation joint. Make sure your your diagram is clear. Use an X to...
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