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the jacobian of a valid kinematic system will always

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Unformatted text preview: he Jacobian of a valid kinematic system will always be invertible. ______ Polished metallic surfaces typically have bright white specularities. ______ Radiance grows with distance along a straight line. ______ The implicit representation of a given geometric entity is unique. Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Fall 2009 Prof. James O’Brien page 5 of 16 ______ The rods in the human eye have a flat spectral response function. ______ Under linear perspective projection, squares always appear as a square. ______ Under linear perspective projection, triangles always appear as a triangle. ______ Under orthographic projection, all sets of parallel lines will remain parallel. ______ Quaternions represent rotations as points in 4D space on the surface of a hypersphere. ______ Any set of non-intersecting polygons can be sorted in front-to-back order. ______ Ink-based color printers could be designed to use other colors besides cyan, magenta, and yellow. ______ Shining an ultraviolet light on scorpions induces a chemical response that causes them to glow green and become paralyzed, thus making them easy to find and safe to handle. ______ Th...
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