the force exerted by a spring with zero rest length

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Unformatted text preview: e force exerted by a spring with zero rest length is given by a function that is linear in terms of the endpoint locations. 2 ______ Cubic Bézier curves will always be C across segment boundaries. ______ Light fields are (ideally) records of the light passing through all points in a region of space in all directions. ______ In a kinematic skeleton, every body must have exactly one inboard joint. ______ Modern LCD displays have a dynamic range approximately twice that of the human eye. ______ A rotation matrix always has determinant of +/- π. ______ Pasteurized coordinates facilitate representing perspective and translation using matrices. ______ Ambient occlusion tends to enhance the appearance of surface detail. ______ The sky is blue because water vapor scatters red light. Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Fall 2009 Prof. James O’Brien page 6 of 16 3. Imagine that you have a RGB monitor where the wires have been swapped so that the red, green, and blue outputs from the computer have been respectively attached to the blue, red, and green inputs on the monitor. When on...
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