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6 points 11 the diagram below is the control polygon

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Unformatted text preview: f the shapes shown below. 6 points 11. The diagram below is the control polygon for a Bezier curve segment. Draw the curve and show how de Casteljau’s algorithm can be used to subdivide the curve into two halves. Make sure your drawing is geometrically reasonable and shows correct curve tangents for the the beginning, middle, and end of each segment. 5 points Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Fall 2009 Prof. James O’Brien page 9 of 16 12. Given a rotation matrix, how would you determine the number of degrees that it rotates by? 3 points 13. In the diagram below of a light source, a clear glass ball, and a diffuse surface, draw lines 23. In th the path traveled of light to form a a clear g ass bal on the surface. illustrating e diagram below by a light source, refraction lcausticl, and a diffuse surfacepoints 3, draw lines illustrating the path traveled by light to form a refraction caustic on the surface. 4 points 14. Write out an explicit equation for a sphere. Be sure to specify the range of your parametric variables to exactly...
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