Final Exam 09

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Unformatted text preview: sow. All four 90 degrees re identical ideal diffuse is diagram the two d bar ams bel been rotated surfaces a about the point indicated with a circle.flectors. In each diagramwere lgenerated ace linearlyill appear brightetransforre If intermediate positions circ e the surf by that w interpolating the r to the mation matrices, how would the point indicated by the star move? Give your answer by observer. 4 points drawing the path of the star. 4 points 17. When clipping two arbitrarily oriented squares against each other to find their intersection (in 2D), what is the maximum number of sides that the resulting shape may have? 2 points -8- Final Exam CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics Fall 2009 Prof. James O’Brien EXTRA CREDIT page 15 of 16 5 points Given a plane and a sphere: Plane: Sphere: ˆ n·x+f =0 ||c − x|| − r = 0 Write out an equation that will, for the case where the plane intersects the sphere, implicitly define the circle of their intersection. Your answer must be neat and clear. No points will be awarded for imprecise answers. Your answer should be in the form of a simple explicit equation that you have drawn a box around...
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