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Unformatted text preview: of 16 2 points each blank, 68 total The Euler integration scheme tends to cause simulations to “blow up.” The implicit version of this scheme, known as _________________, is much more stable but has a tendency to damp motions artificially. Explicit integration schemes make use of the accelerations at the ____________ of each simulation timestep. Inverse kinematics algorithms we discussed in class involve numerical root finding for a set of nonlinear equations and can be solved using _____________________________. ________________ colors consist of light at a single wavelengh. ________________ motion capture systems record the position and orientation of the sensors on the subject. The ________________ of a matrix can be computed using the singular value decomposition algorithm. The tangent vectors of an parametric surface generally can be used to compute the surface ________________. When representing __________________ in 3D using homogenized coordinates, the fourth coordinate (i.e. “w...
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