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Final Exam 1 08

Final Exam 1 08 - Final Exam CS 184 Foundations of Computer...

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Student Name: Class Account Username: Instructions: Read them carefully! The exam begins at 5:10pm and ends at 7:00pm. You must turn your exam in when time is announced or risk not having it accepted. Make sure you fill in your name and the above information, and that you sign below. Anonymous tests will not be graded. Write legibly . If the person grading the test cannot read something, he/she will simply assume that you meant the illegible portion as a note to yourself and they will ignore it. If you lose points because part of your answer could not be read, you will not be given the opportunity to explain what it says. Be clear and concise . The answers to most questions should be short. If you find yourself writing an excessively long response, you may want to think more carefully about the question. Long rambling answers generally get fewer points that short ones do because there are more opportunities to mark something wrong. You may use two pages of notes while taking the exam. You may not ask questions of other students, look at another student’s exam, use a textbook, use a phone or calculator, or seek any other form of assistance. In summary: do not cheat. Persons caught cheating will be subject to disciplinary action. Do not ask questions during the exam. Most questions are unnecessary and they disturb other stu- dents. Figuring out what the exam question is asking is part of the test. If you think you have to make some unusual assumption to answer a problem, note what that assumption is on the test. I have read these instructions, I understand them, and I will follow them. Your Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ____________________________________ Student ID: ____________________________________ Total Points: 106 + 5 You Scored: ________ + Extra ________ CS 184: Foundations of Computer Graphics page 1 of 15 Fall 2008 Prof. James O’Brien Final Exam
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1. Please fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate answer. 2 points each blank, 80 Total The Euler integration scheme tends to cause simulations to “blow up.” The implicit version of this scheme, known as _________________ , is much more stable but has a tendency to damp motions artificially. Implicit integration schemes make use of the accelerations at the ____________ of each simu- lation timestep. _________________ algorithms we discussed in class involve numerical root finding for a set of nonlinear equations and are often used for posing animated characters. ________________ colors consist of light at a single wavelengh. ________________ motion capture systems make use of multiple cameras to determine the location of retroreflective markers. ________________ motion capture systems use trackers that return orientation and position information. The pseudo inverse of a matrix can be computed using the ________________ algorithm. Standard kinematic algorithms assume that articulated structures will have the topology of a ________________. The ________________ vectors of an parametric surface generally can be used to compute the surface normal.
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Final Exam 1 08 - Final Exam CS 184 Foundations of Computer...

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