But suddenly lots of female dogs realize they are

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Unformatted text preview: size (in KB) of the file he could sort for $4900? Write your answer on the answer sheet (not here!). (Hint: You may want to start with some “ballpark” estimates on the number of passes, and then think about cost per pass.) [3pt] 4,900 KB. In one pass, we can sort 50 pages. This would cost 2N = $100. We need to go deeper. In two passes, we can sort 50*49=2450 pages of data. This would cost 4N = $9,800. So we’re on the right track with 2 passes, but we need to sort less data. Specifically, 4N=$4900, so N = 1,225 pages. So how many KB? 4N = 4,900 KB. 15. Coach X was the football coach of Berkeley. He had a huge table SELECT name, weight called “Footballers” that had many attributes about his players, FROM Footballers...
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