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Midterm 3 Solutions 12

Further assume that the tas table fits in memory

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Unformatted text preview: cords. The computer you are using has 816KB of memory available and pages/buffers of size 8KB. 16. Which table should you use as the outer relation in simple nested loop join? [1pt] a. Male b. Female b We want to use the smaller relation as the outer. 17. Using page nested loop join with Male as the outer relation, what is the total number of I/O’s (ignoring the cost of writing the final join answer out to disk)? [3pt] 1,501,500. [R] = (12000 records * 1KB/record) / (8 KB/page) = 1,500 pages [S] = (8000 records * 1KB/record) / (8 KB/page) = 1,000 pages [R][S] + [R] = 1500*1000 + 1500 = 1,501,500. Due to your I/O minimizing prowess, Valentines Day is a huge success! But suddenly lots of female dogs realize they are missing out on an opportunit...
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