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V streaming 5 points recall twitters api as used by

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Unformatted text preview: make sense— sometimes you need rendezvous, e.g. in sorting for ORDER BY. (a) is likely to help since tournament sort often produces fewer runs than quicksort and (b) is almost certain to help since we could fit more records in memory. 7 IV. Joins [11 points] In the spirit of Valentine’s Day you have realized that dogs need love too, and have created a matchmaking service for dogs called Puppy Love Inc. You have compiled records of Male and Female dogs and stored them in two separate tables. Each record includes a “personality score” and you want to find the male- female pairs with matching “personality scores”. Naturally you need to find a join algorithm! Each record in the table is 1KB. The Female table has 8,000 records and the Male table has 12,000 re...
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