Well choose k by asking the question what is the

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Unformatted text preview: (8000 data pages / 100 buffer pages), so they’ll fit nicely into the ReHash stage. 2. How large will the average partition be as they enter the ReHash stage, in pages? [3pt] 80. Calculation shown above. Later, you need to count how many each type of animal you have, for tax reasons. You decide to use hash aggregation with hybrid hashing. For the next 2 questions, assume you have 150 buffer pages and 40,000 animals. 3. In order to do hybrid hashing, we need to reserve K pages for the in- memory hash table. We’ll choose K by asking the question: What is the maximum K such that we can hash all the animals in 2 passes, using just B- K buffers? In other words, we want to ensure that all the animals will be hashed...
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