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You want to group the animals by their type since you

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Unformatted text preview: ice cream, etc.). For instance, you might have five cows, which would be represented as five individual rows with various attributes, though all would have the type “cow”. Because you store so much information about each animal, you can store only 4 tuples per page. You want to group the animals by their type. Since you don’t care about any form of ordering, you decide to hash the animals into groups. You have 101 buffer pages available and there are 32,000 animals. 1. How many times do we have run the Partitioning stage of hashing to hash the animals, assuming all the partitions end up being the same length? [3pt] 1. 32,000 animals means we have 8,000 pages of data. After one pass of partitioning, each partition will be 80 pages long...
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