The decorrelator looks like this k 6t k 6t k 6t

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Unformatted text preview: .... .... - RT - RT - RT 0 0 0 ( )dt -Y ( )dt -Y ( )dt -Y sample at t=T 3 1 2 3 Y (t) i (t)dtgj3=1 are su cient statistics for optimal detection. Three su cient statistics are needed i because there are three basis signals for the signal set. fYi = RT 0 4 b) Yes, the four components do provide su cient information for optimal detection. The basis signals f i (t)gji were calculated from fsk (t)gji , hence we can nd fYi = Y (t) i (t)g from fY (t) sk (t)g. Since the fYi g are su cient statistics for optimal detection, it follows that fY (t) sk (t)g is as well. 3 =1 4 =1 5...
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