Think of a long narrow corridor the randomized agent

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Unformatted text preview: omized agent will have trouble navigating through this corridor will often change directions, etc. (e) Yes, a reflex agent with state can outperform a simple reflex agent because it can remember where it has patrolled already and look for new areas to clean. 3. (a) In order to behave rationally, the agent must sense whether the Suck action has been successful after it has been performed. If the square is still dirty, it must Suck again. (b) In the environment with a puppy, a rational agent will remember how long it has been since it has sensed each square is clean. After a period of time, the agent can go back and make sure the square is still clean. In this case, the agent must keep touring the squares indefinitely. The probability that a square is dirty increases monotonically with the time since it was last cleaned, so the rational strategy is, roughly speaking, to repeatedly execute the shortest possible tour of all squares. 3 Exercise 4 Part I a)...
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