003 part 3 of 3 100 points throughout this region

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Unformatted text preview: the × it is directed toward the upper-left, or arrow VIII. 003 (part 3 of 3) 10.0 points Throughout this region there is a uniform electric field E into the paper. This electric field begins to increase at a rate dE/dt, and there continues to be a current I in the wire. Now what is the magnitude of the magnetic field at the indicated point? 1. B = µ0 2 N I R dE + 2 4π R 2 π c2 dt dedow (kfd235) – Ch24-h1 – turner – (56525) 2. B = µ0 2 N I R dE +2 correct 4π R 2 c dt 3. B = µ0 N I R 2 dE +2 πR 4 c dt 4. B = R dE µ0 N I +2 4π R 2 c dt 5. B = µ0 2 N I R 2 dE + 4π R 2 π c2 dt Explanation: Use Ampere’s law, as modified by Maxwell, around the same loop C : B · d = µ0 I + µ0 0 C 2 π R B = µ0 I + µ0 ⇒B= d ΦE dt 0A dE dt µ0 0 π R 2 d E µ0 2 N I + 4π R 2πR dt = µ0 2 N I R dE +2 4π R 2 c dt 004 10.0 points If the magnetic field in a particular pulse has a magnitude of 4.3 × 10−5 T (comparable to the Earth’s magnetic field), what is the magnitude of the...
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