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Unformatted text preview: lue at Risk (VaR) One-day VaR at a 97.5% confidence level: “The probability is 97.5% that we will lose less than VaR dollars over the next day if the portfolio remains unchanged. Expect losses to be less than VaR 39 out of 40 days. Expect losses to be greater than VaR 1 out of 40 days. VaR tells us absolutely nothing about how much greater than VaR the loss on the worst day out of 40 will be. Derivatives V: R. J. Hawkins Econ 136: Financial Economics 23/ 25 Fixed-Income Analytics The discounted cashflow valuation paradigm. The basis of this valuation paradigm is that the price of a cash flow is is the probability-weighted, discounted value (or present value PV) of that cash flow and that the price of any security is the sum of the price of the constituent cash flows. This is commonly written T PV = t =1 CFt = DFt CFt (1 + r )t where CFt ≡ the cash flow at time t . r ≡ the discount rate associated with that cash flow. DFt ≡ the discount factor associated with that cash flow. Fixed Income I: R. J. Hawkins Econ 136: Financial Economics 3/ 19 Price-Yield Relationships: Bonds with a Round Number of Coupon Periods to Maturity Recall our bond formula: N Pbond = C /2 i i =1 (1 + Y /2) annuity + 100 (1 + Y /2)N PV of Princ...
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