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Nadruphysicsenglishgravtmphtm problem 6 question 353

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Unformatted text preview: Physics/English/grav_tmp.htm Problem #6 Question 3.53: Find the horizontal displacement of the floor (mass m) of the building frame shown in figure when the harmonic ground acceleration is given by xg = 100 Sin ωt mm/sec. Data: m = 2000 kg k = 0.1 MN/m ω = 25 rad/s http://physics.nad.ru/Physics/English/grav_tmp.htm Problem #7 Question 3.68: A centrifugal pump weighing 600 N and operating at 1000 rpm, is mounted on six springs of stiffness 6000 N/m each. Find the maximum permissible unbalance in order to limit the steady-state deflection to 5mm peak-to-peak. http://physics.nad.ru/Physics/English/grav_tmp.htm Questions !!...
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