Versus predicted output voltage peak to peak

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Unformatted text preview: n by 2 resulting in the factor of four in front. versus predicted output voltage peak-to-peak vs.triangular wave frequency. Use discrete points for measured the capacitor's impedence is purely imaginary and negative. 0.15 data and a smooth line for prediction.) Vot la g e Pe a k t o Pe a k ( V) (place measured The phase shift for Vout and Vin signals should be close to -90 degrees because Column R 0.1 0.05 0 150 200 2 50 300 350 400 450 500 550 Freq. (Hz) Column O Page 1 of 6 Ua741 Voltage_1 (1) Current_1 (1) Voltage_2 (1) ­9.85E­03 2.99E­08 ­3.99E+00 ­9.65E­03 2.99E­08 ­3.99E+00 ­9.45E­03 3.00E­08 ­3.99E+00 ­9.25E­03 3.01E­08 ­3.99E+00 ­9.05E­03 3.01E­08 ­3.99E+00 ­8.85E­03 3.02E­08 ­3.99E+00 ­8.65E­03 3.03E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­8.45E­03 3.03E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­8.25E­03 3.04E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­8.05E­03 3.04E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­7.86E­03 3.04E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­7.65E­03 3.05E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­7.46E­03 3.06E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­7.25E­03 3.06E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­7.06E­03 3.06E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­6.86E­03 3.07E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­6.66E­03 3.07E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­6.46E­03 3.08E­08 ­3.98E+00 8.00E+00 ­6.26E­03 3.09E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­6.06E­03 3.09E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­5.86E­03 3.09E­08 ­3.98E+00 6.00E+00 ­5.66E­03 3.10E­08 ­3.98E+00 ­5.46E­03 3.10E­08 ­3.97E+00 4.00E+00 ­5.26E­03 3.11E­08 ­3.97E+00 ­5.06E­03 3.11E­08 ­3.97E+00 2.00E+00 ­4.86E­03 3.12E­08 ­3.97E+00 Voltage_2 (2) ­4.66E­03 3.13E­08 ­3.97E+00 Voltage_2 (1) 0.00E+00 ­4.46E­03 3.13E­08 ­3.97E+00 -2.00E-02 -1.00E-02 0.00E+00 1.00E-02 ­4.26E­03 3.13E­08 ­3.97E+00 2.00E-02 -2.00E+00 ­4.06E­03 3.14E­08 ­3.97E+00 ­3.86E­03 3.15E­08 ­3.97E+00 ­3.66E­03 3.15E­08 ­3.97E+00 -4.00E+00 ­3.46E­03 3.15E­08 ­3.97E+00 ­3.26E­03 3.16E­08 ­3.96E+00 -6.00E+00 ­3.06E­03 3.17E­08 ­3.96E+00 ­2.86E­03 3.17E­08 ­3.96E+00 ­2.66E­03 3.18E­08 ­3.96E+00 ­2.46E­03 3.18E­08 ­3.96E+00 ­2.26E­03 3.19E­08 ­3.96E+00 ­2.06E­03 3.19E­08 ­3.96E+00 ­1...
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