Week 6 Vocabulary and concepts

Week 6 Vocabulary and concepts - metaphase plate 5 Know...

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Week 6 Vocabulary 3'-end 5'- end Allele Anaphase Autosome Cell cycle Centriole Centromere Centrosome Cleavage Furrow Conservative replication Crossing Over Cytokinesis Dispersive replication G1 G2 Gene Homologous Chromosomes Independent Assortment Isotope Kinetechore Locus Meselson and Stahl Metaphase Microfilaments Microtubules Mitosis Nucleotide Prophase Random Fertilization S Semi-conservative replication Sex chromosome Sister Chromatids Surface Area-to -Volume Ratio Telophase
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Week 6 concepts 1. Understand the various models for DNA replication and the key experiment that determined that DNA replication is semi-conservative. 2. Know the key phases of the cell cycle and what happens during each phase. 3. Understand that the goal of mitosis is to separate sister chromatids that were replicated during S-phase producing two identical daughter cells. 4. Understand that during metaphase of mitosis, all of the chromosomes align at the
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Unformatted text preview: metaphase plate. 5. Know that microtubules are involved in the movement of chromosomes during mitosis and that they originate from a microtubule-organizing center known as the centrosome. 6. Know that the point of attachment of sister chromatids to each other is the centromere and that microtubules attach to chromosomes at the kinetechore. 7. Understand that the goal of meiosis is to separate homologous chromosomes and produce haploid gametes. 8. Know that during Meiosis I, homologous chromosomes are separated (leading to haploid cells) and that crossing over occurs. 9. Know that Meiosis II is essentially the same as mitosis resulting in the separation of sister chromatids. 10. Understand that diversity in organisms results from independent assortment of homologous chromosomes, independent assortment, and random fertilization....
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Week 6 Vocabulary and concepts - metaphase plate 5 Know...

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