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Unformatted text preview: vitro © Apligraf •  Only FDA approved ‘living cell’ bilayer product for treatment of venous leg ulcers and diabe/c foot ulcers* •  Epidermal layer formed by neonatal kera/nocytes •  Dermal layer cons/tutes of neonatal fibroblasts in bovine type ­I collagen matrix •  Provides the infrastructure, cytokines, growth factors to assist wound healing while extending the required insula/on •  Allogeneic graQ with outcomes comparable to autograQs1 *Under certain clinical condi/ons only [1]Clark et al 2007 © Apligraf Source: Apligraf©website Material Choice •  Neonatal fibroblasts and kera/nocytes –  Human allogeneic fibroblasts and kera/nocytes derived from neonatal foreskin –  H...
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