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In order to keep the temperature of the room constant

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Unformatted text preview: possesses a higher temperature. In order to keep the temperature of the room constant, we require d Qroom dQ = dt dt Therefore, ( ) ( ) ́ dQ 1− T water =72kW × 1− 278 = 4.83 kW W= dt T room 298 Problem 2. [20 points] A hot rock of mass m=10 kg at a temperature T=1500 K is placed into a container which is filled with 3 1m of water at a temperature of 300 K. The specific heat of water can be approximated as 4kJ/kg-K and the specific heat of the rock is 1kJ/kg-K. The density of water is 1g/cm 3 . (a) What is the final te...
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