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described e were the necessary precautions taken to

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Unformatted text preview: ry tests, etc.) described? e. Were the necessary precautions taken to protect study participants from harm (e.g., the authors acknowledge that the study was reviewed by an IRB or Monitoring or Review Board)? 4. P resentation of Findings /Results a. Are the findings/results presented clearly, objectively, and in sufficient detail? b. Review the tables (if any) provided. Do the numbers add up properly, can the different tables be reconciled, etc.)? Is there a table providing information (i.e., descriptive statistics) on the population being study (i.e., the sample)? 5. A nalysis /Discussion a. Which measures are presented in this study? Is it clear how they were they calculated? b. Is the analysis and interpretation clear? Were there any significant findings described? Does the difference really mean anything? Can it improve treatment, programs, policy, etc.? c. Are there study limitations? (There always are.) What...
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