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E evidenced based in others you need to determine

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Unformatted text preview: vidence (i.e., evidenced-based). In others, you need to determine whether the author/s has researched and presented significant findings from prior research. (This references the literature review and how this is also incorporated in the discussion of the results/findings.) Finally, you must consider how the authors’ findings support or reject past conclusions and what they mean for future research. Below is a thorough presentation of what points to look for. Your readings on critical thinking, the Tuskegee study critique, and other supplemental materials provided for this week also provide insight into considerations of make a good study. Keep in mind that no study is “perfect.” Every study has limitations, biases, and much room for improvement. Structure of Critique: 1. Summary of study and its relevance 2. Strengths of Study 3. Weaknesses of Study 4. Suggestions for Improvement 5. Conclusion ! How to Critique an Article: The following questions may be used to guide your article critique di...
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