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For case 1 the 100 ft long reservoir it behaves as an

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Unformatted text preview: D Real Data ‐ 100 ft IAR Model SSS Model ‐ 100 ft Real Data ‐ 500 ft SSS Model ‐ 500 ft The plots show some interesting information. For case 1, the 100 ft long reservoir, it behaves as an infinitely acting reservoir up till point 3, corresponding to 0.6 hours. After this time it veers from the straight line and begins to follow the SSS model, meaning it now feels the reservoir boundaries. Note a transition period is likely between these two flow regimes. For case two, the 500 ft long reservoir, it remains in the infinitely acting stage much longer. This makes sense, since it will take a longer time for 4 the pressure wave to reach the external boundaries. After about 12 hours it veers from straight line behavior as the effect of the boundaries are meant. Following this the data quickly follows the semi‐ steady state model. The more general definition of dimensionless time is as follows: Fore case 1 this becomes: Fore case 2 this becomes: This results in: TDA Case 1 Case 2 0.0352 0.0704 0.176 0.352 0.704 1.76 3.52 5 0.0704 0.140...
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