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WEEK 12: GODS AND HEROES AND COINS LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Analyze ancient coins to understand why cities chose the imagery they did for their coins Understand the universality of heroes across the Greek world Recognize that coinage today follows the same approaches TO DO: 1. Examine the coins below. They may be easier to see on a computer than a phone. 2. Answer the questions for each coin. You will need to draw on information from the lectures and your textbook. 3. Submit this worksheet through Canvas. Upload as a Word or PDF file (no Pages please). You can also type into another document or delete the images. Just keep the question numbers. 4. Contribute to the discussion board Week 12: Modern Coins and Modern Mythology 1. This coin has a depiction of Alexander the Great, a historical figure on it (left). He wears an attribute of a hero. What is it and why do you think he wears it? 2. On the back (right) one of the gods is depicted. Who is it and how can you identify him?
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Unformatted text preview:3. What message does this coin convey about Alexander the Great? What is the viewer / user of the coin supposed to think?4. What myth is this coin referencing, and what is the thing depicted on the back (right image)? 5. What does this combination of images say about the city? 6. Who is the person on the front of the coin (left)? Look at the back of the coin (right), which is a clue to the woman's identity. 7. Why would a city put this person on a coin? What are they celebrating about their city? 8. What myth does the back of this coin (the right image) reference? What is the connection between the image and myth? 9. What is its myth-historical reference of the maze, and what does the city gain by referring to myth-history? Do you know the city's name? 10. Sum up: How do the ancient cities use mythology to send a message about the character of their city? What cultural values do ancient cities emphasize using mythology on their coins?