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Unformatted text preview: requires me to do the same routine things over and over again. Moderate variety Very much; the job requires me to do many different things, using a number of skills and talents Identity: To what extent does your job involve doing a “whole” and I Identifiable piece of work? That is, is the job a complete piece of work that has an obvious beginning and end? Or is it only a part of the overall piece of work, which is finished by other people or by automatic machines? 1 ­­­­­­ 2 ­­­­­­ 3 ­­­­­ 4 ­­­­­­ 5 ­­­­­­ 6 ­­­­­­ 7 My job is only a tiny part of The overall piece of work; The results of my activities cannot be seen in the final product. Moderate­ sized chunk of the work My job involves doing the whole piece of work, from start to finish; the results of my activities are easily seen in the final product or service. Significance: In general, how significant or important is your job? That is, are the results of your work likely to significantly affect the Lives or well­being of other people? 1 ­­­­­­ 2 ­­­­­­ 3 ­­­­­ 4 ­­­­­­ 5 ­­­­­­ 6 ­­...
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