12.Inter-group Relations

Dysfunctional conflict benefits of conflict increased

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Unformatted text preview: Interpersonal attraction Frequency of interaction Rigor of initiation Agreement of group goals Group success Outside threats Consequences of Cohesiveness Consequences of Cohesiveness • • • • Participation Conformity Success Productivity Functional v. Dysfunctional Conflict • Benefits of conflict [increased motivation and creativity] nag O r • Problems with conflict [destroys cooperation and communication] Level of inter-group conflict Studies of Conflict Studies of Conflict • • • Prisoner’s dilemma game Trucking game Robber’s Cave Experiment Prisoner’s Dilemma Game Person A Not confess Confess Not confess Person B One year each a=3 months b=10 years Confess a=10 years 4 years for each b=3 months Trucking Game B End A Start A’s Gate B’s Gate B Start A End Robber’s Cave Experiment Robber’s Cave Experiment • Connecticut,1949; New York, 1953, Oklahoma, • • 1954 Divided boys into two groups by assigning them to d...
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