Relavely small 100 residues protein there are 20100

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Unformatted text preview: Theore+cal possibili+es from polypep+des are unlimited –  For a protein of n residues, there 20n possible sequences. –  Rela+vely small 100 residues protein, there are 20100 ≈ 1.27 x 10130 possibili+es Actual polypep+des are limited in size and composi+on •  100 ≈ 1000 residues in general •  minimum ≈ 40 residues for a polypep+de chain –  size to fold into a stable shape that allows it to carry out a par+cular func+on –  many hundreds of residues may be too big; •  higher chance of transcrip+on error • ...
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