1 12212 both of the genes shown below have large

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Unformatted text preview: 2/2/12 Both of the genes shown below have large enhancer regions to which the transcription factor Pax-6 can bind. Crystallin gene Somatostatin gene What is the best explanation for why crystallin protein is found only in the eye, while somatostatin protein is found only in the pancreas? a. Pax6 binding is only required for transcription of one, not both, of these genes. b. Pax6 can act as either an enhancer or silencer. c. Different additional transcription factors are required in each cell type. d. The enhancer regions to which Pax6 binds are different in cells of the pancreas cells vs. cells of the eye. The components of the signaling pathway that determine which side of a Drosophila embryo will be dorsal were identified by application of (Choose the most useful approach) a) biochemical analysis of gene product activities. b) epistasis testing. c) forward genetics. d) reverse genetics. e) mosaic analysis. Understanding embryonic development Development requires establishment of asymmetries first in the early embryo, later in other cells and tissues "Give me one asymmetry, and I can explain development." Sydney Brenner, 1960s Using genetics to understand development Forward genetics with certain organisms is a powerful approach to finding the genes that control developmental processes. e.g. screening for mutants, mapping, gene identification, protein identification Reverse genetics is a powerful approach to defining functions of cloned genes, in addition to experiments using...
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