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Best but hardest of all science is a communal endeavor

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Unformatted text preview: ogy provides excellent direcDons for how to evaluate informaDon and how to make a well ­supported argument Rules of Evidence Find it, Move it, Lose it Three main types of evidence accepted in experimental biology • Correla've Evidence You see a correlaDon between two or more events: infer that one causes the other. Weak, but rela,vely easy • CausaDve Evidence: Nega've Inference or “Loss of FuncDon” You remove a postulated causal agent ­ and infer causality from the consequence. This shows you something is necessary, but not sufficient. Be1er, but a li1le harder. • CausaDve Evidence: Necessary and Sufficient or “Gain of FuncDon” You iniDate a causal acDon in a circumstance where it doesn’t usually happen, in an inappropriate D...
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