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Each protein molecule has evolved to carry out a

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Unformatted text preview: ransmiYng electrical and chemical signals d) A blood cell has machinery to transport oxygen 1 8/22/12 Cellular machinery is largely made up of proteins Proteins are long chains of amino acids. Each protein molecule has evolved to carry out a parDcular task. For example: i. hemoglobin in the blood binds to and carries oxygen ii. acDn forms filaments that make up the cytoskeleton iii. ribosomal proteins help make up the ribosome, the cell's protein factory iv. insulin is secreted by cells of the pancreas and serves as a signal to other cells. Proteins are made up of chains or sequences of amino acids, and these amino acids are "encoded" in the cell's DNA a. DNA is organized in very large segments known as chromosomes, but each chromosome is a package of thousands of genes b. 1 gene encodes 1 protein c. Thus there is a myoglobin gene, an acDn gene, an insulin gene etc. Genes provide the instrucDons to make individual cellular...
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