Lecture 2 HO

Eg muscles make myoglobin to store oxygen for work ii

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Unformatted text preview: machines. d. MutaDons in single genes can result in failure to produce normally funcDoning single proteins, and mutant cells can thus lacking a parDcular protein machine Because of their different tasks, different cells contain different proteins While some proteins are found in all cells (acDn), others are made only in specialized cells i.  e.g. muscles make myoglobin to store oxygen for work ii. lymphocytes make anDbodies to neutralize foreign invaders iii. skin cells make cytokeraDn which serves as the structural element of skin and hair All cells have the same DNA but different cells express different genes a.  Different sets of cellular instrucDons are acDvated in different cells, leading to the producDon of different proteins b. hemoglobin genes are on...
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