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8 82912 back to overall mechanisms of regulaon in

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Unformatted text preview: sts and, as a control, from liver, and digest both DNAs with EcoRI and HpaI, which cuts CCGG sequences only if the second C is not methylated. You then do a Southern blot with each sample and the labeled probe shown, with the results shown in B. Is there a methylated CCGG sequence near the gene in liver that has become demethylated in myoblasts? Indicate by choosing the site: 7 8/29/12 Back to overall mechanisms of regula>on in development A3 9-2 Take home message for development: Combinatorial control At any given promoter, it is the combina>on of interac>ng transcrip>on factors (ac>vators and repressors) bound to regulatory elements (enhancer or silencer sequences) in the vicinity of the gene itself that controls transcrip>on ini>a>on. 8 8/29/12 Back to overall mechanisms of regula>on in development A3 9-2 RNA processing control Alterna>ve splicing Different versions of the same protein 9 8/29/12 Myosta>n: a nega>ve regulator of muscle development Mice with the...
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