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Lecture 4 slides

Which of the following experiments provided evidence

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Unformatted text preview: muta>on (below right) have muscle hypertrophy: Mighty Mouse! The muta>on that causes this phenotype is a GA Why missense, in an intron. The result is the genera>on of a new splice site. Myosta>n is a nega>ve regulator of muscle growth Muta>on is in an intron, results in a new splice site Normal mmuscle uscle overgrowth Normal What is the result of this mutation on the mRNA and protein? a.  Mature mRNA is truncated at the termination codon; protein is truncated b.  Mature mRNA is longer, and includes the termination codon; protein is truncated c.  Mature mRNA is the same size, but the protein gets truncated at the site of the mutation 10 8/29/12 Nuclear RNA selecCon A3 9-2 11 8/29/12 An in situ hybridizaCon, using sequences from the first exon of the EndoZ gene as a probe, showed that EndoZ is only expressed in the endoderm in the developing water strider. Which of the following experiments provided evidence that many more genes are transcribed than are actually found in the cytoplasm: Is this experiment.. a.  Find it b.  Lose it c.  Move it Concept: All th...
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