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Elegans nobel prize 2006 why does all this regulaon

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Unformatted text preview: e acCviCes in cell aren’t necessarily economical Driving home idea, if it can be regulated, it will be regulated Nuclear RNA selecCon A3 9-2 12 8/29/12 Mammary cells are given radioac>ve RNA precursors for a short >me, then washed and given non ­radioac>ve precursors. Cells were exposed to prolac>n during this >me (purple line) or not (blue line). Casein mRNA was then isolated at different >mes following the “chase” of non ­radioc>ve precursors. The graph shows a >me courses of measuring the amount of labeled casein present over >me (At >me 0, no more labeled casein is being produced) What is happening, and why? 5.32 Proteins can bind to the 3’ UTR of mRNAs and prevent degrada>on: this affects the amount of >me an mRNA lasts (stability), which of course affects the amount of p...
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