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How does a cell control the reac3ons going on within

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Unformatted text preview: r expand exisCng models for biological phenomena.   Input into models come from observaCons and experiments and the knowledge that living organisms are made of a limited set of molecules that we can think of as a toolkit. Think like a biologist! •  Develop descripCons, explanaCons, predicCons ­ look for paLerns. •  Recognize and discuss alternaCve explanaCons •  Think criCcally and logically to find relaConships •  Emphasize 5 Biology ways of thinking throughout the course….. 4 8/20/12 Biology Ways of Thinking: 1. How do the proper3es of the building blocks of the cell affect the way the cell works? “funcCon follows structure” Biologists look to the size, shape and chemical composiCon of the molecules used in a cell to predict how they will interact and funcCon. Biology Ways of Thinking: Biology Ways of Thinking: 2. How do the molecules within the cell interact with one another? “What’s the mechanism?” Biologists ask how the molecules work together to build molecular machines that carry out the funcCons of the cell Biology Ways of Thinking: 3. How does a cell control the reac3ons going on within it? “How’s i...
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