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Lecture 1 HOs

I see and i remember i do and i understand confucius

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Unformatted text preview: de) Group work is a fundamental part of this course •  We will ask you to work in groups of 4 nearly every class. •  • Please write your first name in BIG leaers on your paper and fold it so it can serve as a name tag •   ­ Please bring the name tag to class every day •   ­ Right now: introduce yourselves to the 3 people sidng around you 2 8/20/12 Why run the class in groups? Learning must be ac3ve to really s3ck. The idea of ac3ve learning is not new. •  (When a lot of you hate working in groups?) Telling = Teaching Hearing = Learning I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand. Confucius 6th century BC A few notes on classroom dynamics This theater sea3ng isn’t great for group work ­ do the best you can… Discussion is important! But, please also show respect by •  not talking when someone else is trying to talk to the whole class. •  Not tex3ng Save yourself from distrac3on: stay on task if you bring your laptop. •  If I no3ce inappropriate use of laptops, especially if it is •  distrac3ng others, I will BAN LAPTOP USE!!! Big overall goal for the class •  We want you to pracCce thinking like biologists •  We will emphasize experimental ap...
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