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Make a prediccon about what you would expect to see

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Unformatted text preview: proaches (especially on the problem sets and exams) 3 8/20/12 Reading assignment: •  PracCce of Science at the Edge of Knowledge –  I call balls and strikes as they are (realism) –  I call them as I see them (contextualism) –  What I call them they become (construcCvism) •  The importance of stupidity in scienCfic research –  Focusing on important quesCons puts us in the awkward posiCon of being ignorant –  The more comfortable we are with being stupid, the deeper we wade into the unknown. Lets pracCce! PracCce this group exercise thing ­ PracCce making observaCons and predicCons •  Each group should get a cube and one piece of paper from the TAs •  Write everyone’s name in the group on the top of the paper ­ you will turn this in at end of class •  Work in your group: Write down as many observaCons as you can about the cube. •  Make a predicCon about what you would expect to see on the missing side, given your observaCons of the other side. Model ­Based Reasoning  Biologists approach their research with models.  Hypothesis building and experimentaCon confirm, disprove, refine o...
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