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You wont be hearing it all again in class weekly

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Unformatted text preview: ks! 1 8/20/12 Note on the reading •  We expect you to do the assigned readings. Don’t try to memorize things from the book – use the book to prepare for class, to reinforce what you learned in class, and to make connecCons between all the pieces as they are taught. •  You won’t be hearing it all again in class…. WEEKLY SCHEDULE: M, W – Pre ­class assignment due before class. 50 min classes will include: Some lecturing Lots of group work, ac3ve learning, class ques3ons F ­ Pre ­class assignment due before class 1hr 50 min class ­ more 3me for problem solving. At end of two week: “post ­class reflec3ons” Problem sets similar in style to exam ques3ons Emphasis: Analyze  ­ Synthesize – Apply Course point structure •  Grading: Regular grades are awarded for this course: A B C D E. •  A= 90 ­100%; B= 80 ­90%; C= 70 ­80%; D= 60 ­70%; E= less than 60% •  The grading scheme is as follows: •  Exams: 600 pts (60% of grade) •  Pre ­class Assignments: 150 pts (15% of grade) •  In ­class work: 150 pts (15% of grade) •  Post ­class ReflecCons: 100 pts (10% of gra...
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