10 pts patients with type i glycogen storage disease

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Unformatted text preview: ation in an individual who is well fed? Provide a brief explanation for your answer. Answer. Glycogen breakdown is increased. Glycogen breakdown produces G6P. Question 7. (21 pts) Predict the effects of each of the following mutations on blood glucose levels. Describe the effects as resulting in higher or lower than normal blood glucose levels. Mutation leading to Blood glucose levels (A) No functional insulin produced from pancreatic β ­cells Higher (B) Constant activation of glucagon receptor Higher (C) Hyper ­activation of pyruvate carboxylase Higher (D) Impaired oxidation of amino acids to keto ­acids during starvation Lower Page 5 of 6 Name: _______________________________________ Net ID: ______________________ (E) No functional liver glycogen debranching enzyme during exercise Lower (F) Abnormally low ratios of NADH/NAD+ in liver during fasting Lower (G) Decreased alanine aminotransfe...
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