A schiff base carbonnitrogen double bond with the

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Unformatted text preview: nsketolase (B) Biotin / Pyruvate carboxylase (C) NAD+ / Isocitrate dehydrogenase (D) Lipoic acid / Pyruvate dehydrogenase Answer: ______ A (B) (3 pts) Which chemical structure is NOT involved in the catalytic mechanisms of transketolase NOR rubisco? (A) Schiff base (carbon ­nitrogen double bond with the nitrogen atom connected to an aryl or alkyl group) (B) Acyl phosphate (C) Enediolate or enediol (alkenes with two hydroxyl groups) (D) Carbanion Answer: ______ B Page 2 of 6 Name: _______________________________________ Net ID: ______________________ (C) (3 pts) This compound is also found to be toxic to animals. Which metabolic pathway in ANIMALS is most likely affected by the weed ­killing compound? (A) Non ­oxidative phase of pentose phosphate pathway (B) Glycolysis (C) Oxidative phase of pentose phosphate pathway (D) Gluconeogenesis (E) Tricaboxylic acid (citrate) cycle Answer: ______ A (D) (1 pt) Which process in ANIMALS is most likely affected by the weed ­killing compound. (A) Mitochondrial ATP production in live...
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