Protection against ros requires nadph a product of

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Unformatted text preview: r (B) Regeneration of reduced glutathione for protection against reactive oxygen species in animal cells that do NOT utilize ribose ­5 ­phosphate for nucleotide biosynthesis (C) Lactic acid fermentation in muscle (D) Activation of epinephrine signaling pathway in muscle Answer: ______ B (E) (3 pts) For the answer in Part D, provide a brief explanation for your answer. Protection against ROS requires NADPH, a product of oxidative phase of PPP. Even though oxidative phase is not inhibited by transketolase inhibitor, buildup of R5P will inhibit oxidative phase of PPP. Question 4. (10 pts) In a suspension of photosynthetic green algae with photosystems I and II, three experimental condition changes led to changes in the compounds listed in the following table: Switching suspension from light to dark Exhaustion of all CO2 (light...
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