To assist you calvin cycle is depicted to the right

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Unformatted text preview: remains) Disruption of non ­ cyclic electron flow ATP Decrease No change/increase No change/increase NADPH Decrease Decrease Ribulose 1,5 ­bisphosphate Decrease/no change Increase 3 ­phosphoglycerate Increase Decrease Increase Fill in the blanks for the compounds in the table, describe the changes in concentration associated with each experimental condition as increase, decrease, or no change when compared to concentrations before the alteration in experimental condition. To assist you, Calvin cycle is depicted to the right. Page 3 of 6 Name: _______________________________________ Net ID: ______________________ Question 5. (8 pts) The plant, Bienertia cycloptera grows in salty semi ­desert soil in Central Asia. This plant has the biochemical properties of a C4 plant, but the key reactions of C4 ­type metabolism occur in the same cell. These photosynthetic cells have two types of chloroplasts (as shown in th...
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