During absorption an electron is promoted from the

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Unformatted text preview: orm of heat, electricity or light. During absorption, an electron is promoted from the ground to the excited state. During emission, an electron goes from the excited to the ground state. Figure 1 www.webassig n.net/ebooks/wsug encheml1/lab_2/manual.html 2/6 4/15/13 Lab 2 - Flame Tests When white light shines on a colored substance, some of the wavelengths that make up white light (colors) are abs orbe d. The remaining wavelengths, or colors, are reflected back from the colored substance or transmitted through it. Our eyes interact with the reflected or transmitted rays, and produce our perception of the color of the substance. Consequently, the characteristic color of a material is not the color of light that it absorbs; it is the mixture of the reflected or transmitted colors. For example, if an object absorbs all visible wavelengths but red, red is reflected or transmitted, and we perceive the object as red. Figure 2 The color we see is the complementary color of that which was absorbed. Complementary colors are best shown on a color wheel, which is...
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