Observe and record in table a the color imparted to

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Unformatted text preview: burner flame. Observe and record in Table A the color imparted to the flame. Watch carefully since some colors are very fleeting while others last a relatively long time. Color descriptions might include bright red, deep red, orange- red, orange, yellow, yellow- green, green, blue and violet. 6 Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each of the known solutions; from the data, determine which of the ions present is responsible for the color noted. 7 Test the unknown solutions in the same manner and identify the ions in the unknown. You may wish to look at one or more of the known solutions again if you are not completely sure of the identity of the unknown. 8 When you are finished making your observations, turn off your Bunsen burner, rinse and dry your spot plate and return all equipment to the set- up area where you found it. 9 www.webassig n.net/ebooks/wsug encheml1/lab_2/manual.html 5/6 4/15/13 Lab 2 - Flame Tests Before leaving, go to a computer in the laboratory and enter your results in the In- Lab a...
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