Radio waves are measured in meters m visible and

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Unformatted text preview: ng considered. Radio waves are measured in meters (m). Visible and ultraviolet light are measured in nanometers. 1 nm = 10-9 m. www.webassig encheml1/lab_2/manual.html 1/6 4/15/13 Lab 2 - Flame Tests The product of these two variables is the distance the wave travels in a second and is a constant known as the speed of light, c, ( 1a ) c = λν = 3.0 × 108 m/s Thus, electromagnetic radiation with a high (large) frequency has a short (small) wavelength and vice versa. Frequency and wavelength are inversely proportional, as shown below in the rearrangements of equation 1a c = λν = 3.0 × 108 m/s : ( 1b ) c λ =ν ( 1c ) c ν =λ A third variable in the wave is the amplitude, the intensity of the radiation; for visible light, this is perceived as brightness. Therefore, if we look at a given shade of blue, it will always have the same frequency and wavelength, but can be of different amplitudes. Another descriptor for radiation is chromaticity. Light can be monochromatic (a single wavelength) or polychromatic (many wavel...
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