This chemical is corrosive if you spill it on a

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Unformatted text preview: hloric acid, HCl (aq). This chemical is corrosive. If you spill it on a surface, wipe it up with paper towels and rinse with water, being careful not to touch the liquid. If you spill it on yourself, immediately rinse the area with lots of water. If it gets in your eyes, flush them with water at the eyewash and have someone notify the TA. Waste Disposal The solutions used in this experiment should be collected in a labeled beaker and disposed of in the labeled www.webassig encheml1/lab_2/manual.html 4/6 4/15/13 Lab 2 - Flame Tests container. Prior to Class Please read the following section in Lab Equipment: Bunsen Burner. Lab Procedure Please print the worksheet for this lab. You will need this sheet to record your data. 1 Obtain a wire loop and a spot plate from the set- up area. Using a grease pencil, label the wells on the spot plate with the formulas of the solutions you will be testing. (See Table A for their names.) Make careful note of the unknown numbers you use. 2 Obtain 10 - 15 mL of 3 M HCl in a...
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